Monday, January 07, 2008

Día de los Inocentes

You know how it is when you were a child when you look forward to December 28 to get back at people who played a prank on you the previous year? It starts with "Day, tawag ka ni Nanay mo, mabakal ka kuno itlog sa tyangge, dali-a da ay! maakigan ka naman karon!" Being the obedient daughter that you are, you hurry to the kitchen looking for your mother to do the errand as told. Then you hold out your palm and tell your mother ,"din na ang kwarta 'nay?"Then your mother looks at you with her eyes ready to pop-out of her eyeballs, "Anong kwarta? aga pa kwarta naman pangayo mo......." and before you can even react, you see your cousin from the window silently laughing his heart out for submitting you into an early morning sermon. You make a promise to yourself that before the day ends, you will be able to get back at him. Then the prank jokes get nastier and nastier as the day comes to an end.

Nadumduman ko lang kay daw naisahan gd ako sang Landbank sang December 28. Nagpila ko sa ATM machine, off-line. Pero nagpila man ko gyapon kay siling sang guard dali man lang daw ma-online naman dugay dugay. 5 minutes.... la gyapon. Tapos gulpi lang, nag online! Naghingagaw man ko gulo sang akon na ATM sa machine. La na ko nag balance inquiry kay siling ko basi mag-offline liwat kag makaon card ko. Nagwithdraw ako 5K dasig ang pagprocess sang computer. Sang naggwa ang akon na card, nagkalas-kalas na ang guluwaan sang kwarta. Wala pa mag 5 seconds, nag-offline liwat! Naggwa ang akon receipt, transaction complete kuno. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! din na ya ang akon kwarta?

Being a SOP-abiding person, I went inside the bank and filed my complaint. Then it hit me, I could have withdrawn over the counter instead of transacting through the ATM ! Why had I not thought about that in the first place? Why? Why? as if one why would not suffice. Good thing I still had money in my account so there was still something to withdraw and squander for the remaining days of the year. Then began the wait.

I checked my account balance through phone since the 29th up to the 4th of January. No sign of my money. I called the bank, they said that the matter is being addressed by their central office. It so happened that I was not the only casualty of the holiday rush and that the transactions are being processed batch by batch. I talked to the person who received my complaint, asked him if there is hope for my case. Of course he was obliged to say yes! But I couldn't help it, I really told him, "Te pano na na, mahibi gd ko ya kung indi niyo pagbalik akon na kwarta".

The hubby told me that it is possible that the bank would deny me of my money because the transcation print-out says, "transaction complete". Pero pwede bala na? Indi gid ya dapat! indi ko man sala nga nagkalas-kalas to ya ang cash machine kag nag-offline, no. Indi gd ya dapat. Indeeeeeeeee! Happy na ko tani kay maka-withdraw ako, tapos wala ko man gali nakuha kwarta ko. tsk tsk tsk.... halit na bangko!

Gapautwas lang.

I hope to get a better response from the bank within the week. God, please give me patience, now!


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Oh my. I have a similar experience sa Landback way back during the Y2K bug. But na-acknowledge nila since my system glitch gd mn during their upgrade. Ive read that you can raise this concern to a certain govt agency. Nalipat ko kung ano. Hope they can really help.

  2. thanks for the info, im thinking of writing their head office a letter kung di pa gid mabalik this week. hay, ma-an tana!

  3. ask lang ko tani .. are you from iloilo? if you are please check

  4. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Ay teh. Pati ako daw na dimalas man haw. Just had an ATM withdrawal a few minutes ago and no bills dispensed ang machine. Pero nareflect ya sa account ko e. I realized it a bit later so I have to retrieve the ATM receipt from the trash can for evidence. I filed a complaint. Tani mabalik lg ba.

  5. man kung BPI lang tani la gd problema. pero sa landbank, hay...


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