Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bacolod-Silay Airport on a Weekend

On January 20, we decided to check out the Bacolod-Silay Airport and these are what we saw:

something the old airport didn't have: sensor-operated doors
zen-inspired landscape still for completion, i think

waiting lounge. back in the old airport, we had to make do of
gutters and boulders while waiting .children eagerly awaiting the landing of the plane

side-view of the airport building . see the instant pine trees?

labing-labing while waiting.

Turned out, I was not the only one with the camera that day. It was like a field day. Children running about the well-manicured lawn right next to the building. Those who got tired, opted to sit by the lounge.

So near, yet so far. To think I live near the Pepsi Plant in Brgy. Bata, it took us around thirty minutes to get to the new airport. From Silay proper, we had to follow the road lined with sugarcane. Made me pop the questions: are we there yet? and are we on the right track? a couple of times. I heard from somewhere that they are going to start the construction of a 10km shortcut route from Bacolod to Silay to address this problem. Pleaaaaase do! Otherwise, we'd suffer the same dilemma of inbound flyers to Iloilo.


  1. Wow nice ... my friend works there ... I hope I could visit :)

  2. yeah, nice place to be, quite far though

  3. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Nice! Haven't been to the new airport yet. I'm from Negros, too. I like that Zen garden.


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