Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The nanny threw a fit last night. She learned of the news that her shirt, which she hung by the clothesline to dry, fell off the ground and was dragged around the backyard by our mini-pincher. The horror! We all know of her temper and I knew from previous experience that she's one of those who would die if they can't get back at whoever dare cross their path.

Let the action begin! She was hysterical, carrying around a broomstick, shouting the dog's name and running after him. The dog was terrified, scurrying to and fro evading the flying broomstick and later the flying shirt. Several times I heard the dog squeal but for the most part, it was the nanny's voice that hovered over our quiet abode.

I didn't interfere with her madwoman act. I made that mistake sometime in the past and I tell you, there's not much sense you can put into that hot-head of hers. So my strategy was to let her do her thing until she's exhausted. With her voice in the background, I talked my son into doing his writing assignments until the hubby arrived.

The hubby... the strong man in the house. When he arrived, he heard the nanny shouting and running after the dog. He asked the helper what was going on and he got a recap of the events that preceded the chase-and-shout situation.

A confrontation followed.
"Anong plano mo na sa ido, ha?" I cringed hearing the hubby yell down at the nanny from the balcony.
"Lagson eh," she shouted back."Tapos? Ano pa gid plano mo?" Silence from the nanny.
"Kung mahalay ka sang bayo mo, kimpitan mo para indi mahulog. Indi kay akigan mo ang ido, ido na ya kung ano da ya ang makita ya gusniton ya na ya!"
The hubby went back inside, entered the room, angry.
"Kung sigihon ya pa na ang batasan ya, pahalina na siya, bwas gd dayon!"
I braced myself for the worst. Made a mental note to call my mom so I can ask her to send reinforcement in the event that the nanny decides to leave (finally!) or I 'd be forced to evict her from big hubby's house. I tried to keep my cool the whole time (with all my insides tossing and turning with the uncertainty of what's to happen next.)

Dinner. I fed the son, who earlier declared that he wanted to eat with his nanny. I was able to dissuade him with 2 slices of mango as bait. From time to time I was expecting the nanny to pop out of her quarters with a declaration for emancipation. Nothing happened....She didn't eat dinner. The helper later said that she cried herself to sleep.

I, on the other hand, worried myself to sleep. Man, kay ka warfreak gd na bata, daw indi kabati bagting! masaligan gd tani kag nahamut-an na gid sang bata ko. Hay ambot... ma resign na lang ko bala, acheche! The night ended with much hanging over my head. I woke up couple of times coughing my lungs out. TB na bala ini?

Finally, morning came. Malinong ang palibot. It would have been one of my treasured moments had yesterday not happened. Breakfast happened. Nothing came... The driver came to get the service vehicle.

"Bing, upod na lang kamo kay Jury?" I yelled from our room.
"Oo, day!" A came and sane reply from the nanny.

Daw mayo naman modo ya a. Hopefully may yaya pa bata ko asta sa Marso. Hay...

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