Thursday, January 10, 2008

DIY: Bag Organizer

Saw this product from the Avon catalog for February. It's a Bag Organizer. Costs P290.00. It's not really much considering that it's colorful, a new design and I haven't seen one in the market by far. I liked it and I saw a need for it but I didn't want to spend as much for something I know I can improvise on. And so I asked the hubby to work with me on this project at a much lower cost.

Here are the things that we used:
> S-hooks
> Eye Screws (sorry ha, I don't know what it's called and the hubby's still asleep so I'm making that one up)
> Rope
> Hammer
> Nail
> Ruler

How to:
  1. Measure the area where the line will be mounted
  2. Cut the rope the length of the space for mounting with allowance for the knots and the end-of-line safety locks.
  3. Insert one end of the rope into an eye screw and secure by knotting.
  4. Measure and divide your line according to the number of hooks you want to install.
  5. To install the hook, make a single chain (as in crochet). Then insert the first hook on the loop created. This will tighten as soon as the hook is in place. Do the same for the rest of the hooks.
  6. Insert the end of the rope on an eye screw and secure. Now you are ready to mount your line.
  7. Score the wall by hammering a nail half-way into the wall. Take it out the screw in the eye-screw. Do the same for the end of the line.
Voila! my very own bag organizer for a fraction of the cost! Quality bonding time pa kami ni hubby!

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