Monday, April 28, 2008

Chicken Pox Chronicles

After much hesitation, I am going back to work today. My scabs haven't fully crusted and I still have some watery substance under my skin. But that will have to be waived for my much anticipated (by my supervisor) return to work. Vacation was good for me. I was able to catch up on my reading (thanks to meg, who dropped by and brought me some of her books). I was also able to watch some of the movies that occupied space in our hard drive (there's too many of them, I want to write a whole different post about it!) Plus, I got to watch the Americal Idol performance and elimination nights on schedule (long live David Cook!).

It was fun, sleeping around the first few days, without any choice really, with the physical malaise. The next two, I spent cursing myself for losing my sense of taste to the bitterness that came after the flu. It's awful! a disgrace to culinary arts! I ate the sweetest melons (according to the hubby, the sweetest, by far, he has eaten this summer) and all I can say was, I know it's not sour, but I couldn't quite place the sweetness in it. Then there were the pistachio ice cream, the quarter-pounder and the cheeseburgers. Shame on me! all those flavors put to waste in the tongues of the chicken pox victim!

I was supposed to go back to work last Friday, but the hubby said I should make the most out of my vacation. And since I got books to read, it was not really difficult to decide. But reality caught up with me when I received two unfriendly phone calls as early as nine in the morning. My supervisor asking me about work and my coordinator asking me how I was and about work on the side. It was stressful! Suddenly, I realized how sad my work is and how pathetic I am to be in it. Then again there are the wants and needs and more wants to finance.

Saturday was the first time I kissed my boy after almost a week of quarantine. Kids, they indeed say the darnest things! He asked me questions like, "Mama, why did you eat the chicken pox? see what it got you?" And during the time when my pox were all bursty and watery he said, "wow! your face makes a good game of connect the dots!" Then I would run around threatening to touch him or hug him when he was not doing his assignment or I just felt like it. He would scream his heart out and run away from me. I enjoyed every part of it. I also cherished the fact that I was able to get away from my usual night chore of putting him to sleep and helping him work on his writing assignment (evil!). But the thing that I loved the most was seeing him cuddle up in bed with the hubby during their bonding moments before bedtime. Sweet!

Saturday I also got to go out and venture into the real world! I braved my way to the groceries and did some medicine shopping. When I left the house, I couldn't really care what I looked like and what people would make of my pineapple face. But when I got to the grocery, I grew wary of my surroundings, thinking of the perils that I brought the world into just by going out without a clean bill of health. There were pregnant women and children running about. So I did my shopping in haste.

I made the inevitable stop at the pharmacy to buy meg's recommended ointment for my pineapple face. She's worried that I might not look the same again. I might not so but I didn't really care, well, except for the wedding that we will be attending this coming Saturday (gosh, who am I fooling here?).

Last night, Miki and I watched A Good Year with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard in it. I know she looks good but she was especially beautiful, for me, in this movie. Then we watched CSI:NY which ended with a to be continued. After that, I just finished reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. When it was already time to sleep, I thought about the things that happened to me in the past few days and I sighed. Of course, there were things planned that were never even done over the vacation period (like, I brought a lot of files at home but never really got to touch any). But the unplanned turned out well for me too, friendships recovered, passions rekindled and a chance to resurrect some of the old into the new. It's fun, going through this personal journey in moments of physical weakness.

Got to get back to reality and see how much of this I bring back with me.

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