Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chicken Pox Chronicles : Watching Movies #1

Wow, I didn't realize how much a movie buff I was until this post. I was able to watch 16 movies for the 8 days that I was in house arrest due to chicken pox. I could have watched more, yes, but there were books to read, food to eat, and the occasional tv programs that entertained me while I await the arrival of the hubby and son after 5pm. Thank God for USB flash drive - ready dvd players, my movie experience had not been any better. It's a rather long post so here's the first extension:

The Baker (2007). British movie about a hitman turned baker. Must be the Engish twang that got me hooked. The lead character is played by the actor in the TV series Life - Damian Lewis. He was also in the Band of Brothers. The hubby liked that series, I was never into war movies so I passed.

The Bank Job (2008). The hubby said it was based on a true story. Some government official ordered the robbing of a bank's vault to get hold of compromising photos of a British royalty plus a lot more. British movie (again) with not so good execution but interesting story. Of course the heist was successful but I still felt tense when they were almost busted. I'm so shallow!

No Country for Old Men (2007). I have to go with the comment of jessicarulestheuniverse.com "The point is there is no point." Javier Bardem was eerie in the film. His character reminds me of Hannibal Lecter. Scary.....

27 Dresses (2008). Here's a genre that has worked before: girl, always the maid of honor but never the bride, falls in love with her boss who fell in love with her sister. Nothing spectacular, except for the dresses. I also liked what they did in the credits, the whole newspaper spread thing telling the story of the newlywed couple at the same time giving out info on the production team, nice!

Wedding Daze (2006). Would serve well if you just want to pass the time. Or maybe, I'm just not the market for this kind of movie. Guy whose girlfriend died during their wedding proposal dinner (him practically dressing up as Cupid with matching wings, bow and arrow and red brief), lived a bummer life, went to a diner one day and asks the first waitress he saw to marry him. She said yes and bham! there's your story. Hmmmm, not very solid really but it's Jason Biggs and he's cute in this kind of movies.

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