Saturday, June 07, 2008

13 Going On and On and On

Today, the hubby and I celebrate our 13 years of being in a relationship. Everything started out serendipitously:
  1. I was entering my second year when he graduated from college and he found me.
  2. I went out with him to tell him that it wasn't going to work and ended up having my first real kiss at the tennis court near the dorm.
  3. I almost cried after I bumped into his nephew who introduced me to his friends as his "Tita" during that time when we had our first (and only) break up which he refused to tell his family in all hopes of saving the relationship.
  4. To win me back, he sent (through a common friend who went to visit me in Bacolod) a message which came with a box of JD Bakeshop goodies. It sent me packing and running back into his arms. (eeew! I'm so mababaw! LOL!)
  5. We were in limbo in our relationship for too long that I almost thought we'd end up forgetting that we were supposed to take our relationship to the next level already when the stork dropped by and made that decision for us.
Look at where it got us now...

Happy 13th Anniversary, My Soulmate!

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