Thursday, June 05, 2008

Korean Drama : Lovers

Here's something for the hopeless romantic, my preoccupation after AI7.

Synopsis (from
On the outset, Ha Kang Jae (Lee Seo Jin) and Yoon Mi Joo (Kim Jung Eun) couldn’t be further apart. He is a gang leader, a man of few words and many scars; she is a beautiful and successful plastic surgeon who excels at all she does. Loner Kang Jae, after a tumultuous childhood growing up in an orphanage, has no need for family, while Mi Joo has a large family of siblings adopted by her minister father. When the two meet by chance, an unlikely romance begins, with their differences both driving them apart and pulling them inexorably back together.
I can't really say anymore than that so I don't spoil the fun but I'd like to give you the lyrics to the song Go Hae (Confessions), the song used in many of the emotionally-laden scenes in the series.

What happens now...
What should I do?
Fearlessly, without hesitation...
I love her.

Quietly, even I...
Even I don't know
Pretending I've forgotten
Even though I live, I die.

Even the world's condemnation
Even this crazed appearance
Even knowing all this, even though it frightens me
I love you.

Where are you?
Can you really hear my words?
Then this the blood that spills from my pitiful love
You must know this too...

Please forgive me...
If you punish me, I'll accept it
But her...just this one person...
Please allow our love.

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