Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kipot Twin Falls Summer Resort

Apart from the magnificence of Mambucal's Seven Falls, be prepared to be wowed by the sight of Kipot Twin Falls in Bago City.

Fast Facts:
Location: Brgy. Mailum, Bago City
Time of Travel: approximately 1 hour from Bacolod City
Mode of Travel: PUJ, private car
Reservations: Bago City Tourism Office Tel. Nos. (034) 4610-164 and (034) 4610-540
Amenities: picnic huts and overnight cottages

Things to do in Kipot Summer Resort:
  1. Have a picnic with family and friends. The resort is situated on a slope so you have to walk down to where your cottage is. So I suggest you just bring enough food and special effects that you can carry without cursing your way down th steps. (Are we there yet?)
  2. Have your picture take with the waterfalls. Midway down the 220 steps is a viewing deck where one could rest and have pictures taken with the falls as a backdrop.
  3. Have your picture taken in the waterfalls. Just below the 220 steps is a trail leading to the falls. You'll be short of breath from the walk but it would be worth it anyway.
  4. Swim swim swim. Since you are already in the waterfalls, you might as well take a swim! Just make sure you have something to warm you up after a splash in its cold cold waters.
Other online resources about the resort:

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  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    i've been there... nami gid man... gusto balikan na da one of these days. damo pa ko plano kadtuan sa negros so keep on blogging about it

  2. nag-enjoy man kami ugaling ang mga olds nag reklamo. kapoyan sila mag saka-naog hehe


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