Friday, August 29, 2008

Pataan Mountain Resort, Bago City

Had my grandma not have her hair permed that weekend, we would have not known that Bago City is home to another marvel, the Pataan Mountain Resort. From Kipot Twin Falls, we travelled three (3) kilometers following the road to PNOC (thanks to the locals who gladly gave us directions). Along the way, a lady hailed to hitch a ride with us. Incidentally, she was going to the resort too. Turns out she works for the owner of the resort and her folks work there too. Knowing that, my folks didn't wait long before they could ask her more questions about the resort. So she gave us a little backgrounder.

It's owned by a retired police who bought the property in 1998. Many people had showed interest in co-financing the development of the resort but the owner declined them all. Too many cooks spoil the broth, so they say. Instead, they relied on the concerted efforts of family members who contributed to the growth of the property from a simple bahay bakasyunan to a resort ready to accommodate picknickers,backpackers and nature lovers.

The resort has now at least 9 picnic cottages (much like the day cottages at Mambucal, but built with wood) situated near the pool of water from the falls. Big groups can rent the space which doubles up as a canteen, the pavillion or the other bigger structure (restaurant set-up) at the opposite side of the day cottages. Two overnight rooms are available for group accommodations: one good for 6 and the other good for 15. There is a swimming pool which, during our stay, was dominated by kids. From there, you get a good view of the rice terraces in the lowland plus a good view of your parked vehicle, in case you feel like checking on it once in a while. If you think you are too old for the pool or just didn't want to pay PHP50.00 to get wet, there is the many pools of water from the waterfalls at no extra cost.

And the waterfalls. Wow... it's a different sight from the ones I've seen in Mambucal. It's wider and covered with greens all over. My folks took a dip in the pool under the waterfalls but didn't stay long because the water was cold. I would have gone with them had I been in better health during our visit. (poor me huhuhu).

If you want a new mountain resort experience, do check out Pataan Mountain Resort while it's not yet known to many. The owners didn't want to advertise so they rely on word of mouth and referrals of satisfied customers who bring friends and relatives along during their next visits. Works for them really, as they feel that they are not yet ready to draw more crowd than they could serve.

Here's some useful info about the resort:
Location: Sitio Pata-an, Brgy.Mailum, Bago City
How to Get There:
  • By Public Transport

Travel Details

Mode of Transport


Libertad Market to Ma-ao Public Market

Road Star Bus


Ma-ao Public Market to Pataan


P30.00/ head; P150 for hire

  • Private Transport

Alternative Routes:

  1. Bacolod City > Araneta St > Brgy Sum-ag > Crossing Abuanan > Maao Public Market>
  2. Bago City > Crossing Mining > Maao Public Market
When you reach the market, you just go straight up following the concrete road til you pass by the signboard to Buenos Aires, then Kipot Twin Falls. No harm in asking locals for directions to be sure (LOL!)

Useful tips:

  1. There are no PUJs passing by the resort so you have to work out your transpo details
  2. Bring your own food and drinks, if you can help it. They don't charge corkage fee except for liquor (I'm not sure about the beer though). And bring only what you can consume so you wouldn't have to bring them all back home.
  3. Make reservations in advance.Especially if you plan to stay overnight. You may call any of the following numbers: 476-1330 or 433-0443 or 434-6854
  4. Be prepared to get wet.
  5. You can't get your camera too close to the falls because of the mist so I suggest you bring one with a powerful zoom to get a good close-up of the falls.

Enjoy Pataan!

Check out my pictures here>>>


  1. marie claire4:32 PM

    wow! me and my husband was planning to go to maao and look for a place to stay for his vacation! i have a property that i wish it would be as gorgeous as pataan resort...( as what i saw on the pic)anyway i think im convinced to have our vacation in pataan.. im jealous how this resort is built. we were planning to buy a land in maao so i think it would be good so we could go to pataan whenever we want... good sucess! God is really GREAT!!! He gaves us nice things. salute for the people that developed pataan mountain resort.. God Bless and more sucess!

    Marie Claire Giem

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Pataan is NOT a good resort. The people who developed the place wanted to recoup their expenses that they have to charge corkage fee for drinks! Imagine paying P150 for a hard drink you bought for only P200? Totally unreasonable. And not only that there is nothing to do there. The pool is for kids and they charge P50 per head?! The falls is not that good and you can only enjoy its shower for a while and then boredom sinks in. The cottage fee is too much! And they charge P1000 for a tent that looks like a mosquito net. I would not go back there ever again. I would not recommend anyone to go there, in fact, you can get your money's worth staying in nearby Buenos Aires or go to Pandanon instead. BUT do not ever go to Pataan.

  3. Thanks you for your insights about the resort. The last time we were there, they didn't charge any corkage fee for drinks. Maybe it's a new policy. It's true that there isn't much activity to do in the resort (as compared to Mambucal and Buenos) and I hope the owners address this concern.Just the same, the Pataan is worth A visit.

  4. XoxogagaXoxo12:54 AM

    The rooms are small and some are not air-conditioned and btw I tried to call those telephone numbers that you posted does not really works my suggestion is that buy a new telephone!!!

  5. Anonymous2:33 AM

    how much is the entrance fee? thanks. :)

  6. @XoxogagaXoxo : thanks for the update. I went there only once. I'll try to get updates on their contact info when I can.

  7. @Anonymous: the last time we went there, they charged P50.00 per head. I'm not sure though if they charge the same.

  8. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Well, its a nice and cool place however you go there to cool and refresh your mind but for me my head become hot when they charge one litson for 300 pesos and the corkage for one bottle drink is 150 pesos. Hope the management should look after this matter. Pang dollar ang charges nila. I will NOT recommend the place for locals who has less to spend. I live in Manila and spend my short stay here in Bacolod.
    We were there last May 7 & 8, 2010

  9. @Anonymous: Ayayay! P150.00 corkage fee is really exorbitant. I see you are not the first one to have this concern. I'll try to pass on this info to someone who can get it to the owners. I hope they will heed their guests concerns.

  10. Anonymous9:44 PM


  11. Anonymous9:46 PM

    malagaw gid kmi di ah!!! i love falls,gusto ko nang maligo!!!


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