Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Deeds

Good deeds don't go unrewarded.

On our way back to Iloilo, the hubby saw a cellphone in the toilet of the pre-departure area.
What to do? What to do?

He weighed his alternative courses of action.
  1. Give it to the pre-departure staff and let them deal with the matter. But what if the owner would not realize that he lost his cell until he was already on board or has reached his destination? What happens to the cellphone then?
  2. Leave the cell open and wait for the owner to make contact. What if the owner would think that the hubby's answering the phone is just a case of a heist gone bad?
  3. Turn the cell off . Turn it on upon arrival in Iloilo and wait for the owner to make contact. What if the owner was actually not a passenger but one of the toilet attendants?
Decisions, decisions...

And the winner is....Option no. 3!

We didn't have to wait, though, until we reached Iloilo before the on-board PA system announced the search for the missing item. We trashed option 3 and told a cabin crew that the hubby found something. Without going into further details, the crew went to look for the guy who reported the missing item.
There we were face to face. A middle-aged guy, holding a clutch bag, ashen face, cracked lips (look a little sick int he tummy, to me), the cabin crew, the hubby and me. We had to check if he was indeed the person who lost the unit. So we asked where he might have lost his cellphone and what brand/model was it. The guy gave a straight forward answer. Tadaaaa! Reunited and it feels so gooooood!

Applause! Applause!

Heaven must have been making random checks right at the very moment for the hubby got rewarded for his good deed a few hours after the incident. He finally saw the coin purse (containing his "most precious" three ally-friends charm ) which he misplaced a few weeks earlier.

Does this mean the hubby's got his groove back? Wohooo!

Good deeds, they don't go unrewarded. What good deed have you done today?

photocredit: rodrigo cristofolini

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