Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Favorite TV Series are Back!

As the world followed the blow by blow account of the $700B bail-out plan and the take of the presidentiables on the impending US recession, I found solace in my favorite tv series plus a whole new more!

Fringe - CSI meets The X-Files.

Dirty Sexy Money - you got to love the life of the rich and famous!

CSI New York - Mac is back with the gang.

Brothers and Sisters - The Walker Family, what families ought to be (?)

CSI Miami - Horatio has a son? I've been missing a lot on this one.

True Blood - vampires mainstreaming.

Heroes - I tell you, you need to see how it all began before you watch this one. Twisted!

Saturday Night Live - Wow! Tina Fey is so Palinish!

Numbers - Charlie and Don solve crime through algorithms, (why not?)

House - don't you just love Wilson and House?


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    sang ara pa ko da sa pinas, gusto ko gid na lantawon nga mga tv shows pareho sina galing kay indi pwede kay sa uma ako. pero subong, i have all the chance to watch them in HD pero daw sa kadamuon, daw budlayan na ko pili kung ano ang unahon nga lantawon.

  2. amo gid. la na ko gani ka blog kay na yanggaw ako hehehe


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