Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Seamstress

My sastre told me things about herself that I wouldn't ask about on a regular day.

  1. She swears by Dove soap. That's the only brand she uses for her body and for her hair.

  2. She gets a yearly supply of 16 bars (not less) of Dove soap from a seaman relative.

  3. It's been a week now and her yearly stash hasn't arrived yet because there was no one from the relative's ship coming home to the province yet.

  4. She won't buy any other soap. But she didn't say what she's currently using in the absence of her favorite brand.

  5. She may not use shampoo on her hair but she buys Johnson's No More Tears shampoo and use it on her eyelashes. She says it's the best way to get rid of those morning glories that plague her thick eyelashes.

Of course she also told me about work related stuff like

  1. She never missed a deadline

  2. Her customers are very contented with her workmanship

  3. She gets stressed when there is a brownout since all her machines are motor-driven

  4. Her clients love the way she makes sleeveless dresses.

  5. She need not to Alaska or California. Her creations can do the tour around the world for her.

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