Saturday, December 20, 2008

9 in 1

here are the nine people who keep me busy
when i'm not at play
each time the phone rings, i worry
of what they are going to say
travel disapproved, vouchers returned
or a simple follow-up request
sometimes it's just good news
about outputs at its best

though meetings don't come often
we try to carry-on
with targets and accomplishments
the list goes on and on

i propose a toast to these guys
the real soldiers in the field
who make life better for our clients
who in trials never yield

who amidst the workload
(regular or not)
perform the tasks at hand
deliver what is expected
the best way that they can.

delantero vamos, mi amigo
futuro es incierto
pero la amistad no cambiará
las memorias no serán olvidadas

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