Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili et al Sex Videos

So what happens now?

Old sins coming to haunt you. A smear campaign, character assassination to the core. Challenging the denials made in the past.

What becomes of the man from whom all filth derived?
Of the women whose consensual participation to the acts now put them in the seat of public scrutiny.

What of the lover who took in the man, the voyeur?
Has she really forgiven him?
Or is it just part of the brilliant plan of a woman scorned?

So what happens now then?

The man owns his doings? Swears by whosoever that he is currently taking steps to reform? Will he get away with it?

And the women? Or what’s left of their self esteem after the horrendous expose. Who’s to forgive, lest, forget?

And what of the families of all the parties involved? Friends, enemies, frenemies and acquaintances?

And of the society that feeds on the scum of every sordid detail?


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