Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Wedding

We attended the wedding of Nehemias Dela Cruz Jr. and Sheena Mae Sunga last 18 April 2009 at Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. It rained hard that day. Not reason enough though for family, guests and friends to miss the opportunity of witnessing the union of the two young lovers.

The groom's family did not let the occasion pass without inviting some of the big names in the political scene. Present during the occasion were Gilbert Teodoro, Senator Loren Legarda, Senator Manny Villar, Cong. Cynthia Villar and Cong. Jules Ledesma (smoking his tobacco) and his actress-wife Assunta de Rossi (all tall and towering over him). Scene stealers! People were more excited about having their pictures taken with them rather than the newly wed couple! (my mom included, but she didn't get a chance. ha ha! sorry mom!)

The rain continued to pour on to the reception. And yes, the lady guests had to pick up their skirts and trod the wet grass from the make-do parking area to the the Villa Ica Garden grounds. It must have been a nightmare for the ninangs! (le coiffure! le robe chere!) The newly weds, together with their parents and their Ninong Manny Villar ,braved the light drizzle (and the mud) to enter the reception grounds and march on the red carpet rolled out for them leading to their pavilion. (no pictures taken during this part of the ceremony, was hungry. can't take. pictures. must. eat. must. eat.)

We were too hungry to even take any pictures of the food served by Tison's Catering of Bacolod. But I tell you, it was worth the wait! They served chicken galantina, seafood paella, pink salmon, spaghetti to name a few. There was lechon everywhere! and beer for everybody, anybody! The dessert table was packed with mixed fruits, salad selections, leche flan and cupcakes. There was booze too! It was a choose your own poison and they will mix it for you kind of thing. Too bad the hubby had to drive us home, he would have enjoyed that part too.

We enjoyed our food while being serenaded by Kulai Pikata. It was a singing in the rain kind of thing and as they always say, the show must go on! They rendered songs requested by the couple and the couple's parents.

At some point the rain thinned down and allowed the flying of sky lanterns like they do during Chinese Mid-Autumn Festivals. Then, the couple's first dance. It wasn't the usual waltz or slow thing. The couple chose something Latin. Despite the rain, they danced for all their guests to see. They were both smiling the whole time, though at some point you'd find the dance steps executed a little awkwardly with the bride trying to balance herself on her soaking wet wedding gown. But you could tell that they didn't mind at all. They were enjoying their moment.

What party would be complete without the fireworks! I overheard it was worth 100k! What the heck! It's the last wedding in the family (the groom's the youngest and the his siblings are all married already) might as well end it with a bang!

After the dance and the fireworks, we sat a little while to watch the highlights of the wedding which was projected on a screen. Well, yeah, it was nicely done but I've seen better (the skeptic!). We didn't stay much longer after that. We just grabbed our souvenirs and headed home.

Here are some of the pics!

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  1. Wow, mala-star studded ang event! You know what they say about rain, it's a blessing. Despite all the wet, it sounded like a really nice event.

  2. we surely enjoyed it. my lola even forgot about the time!


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