Saturday, June 06, 2009

Angkong's Birthday

I'm back after my week-long battle with the flu. Took a while to get it off my system, not without proper rest and religiously taking my meds. My immune system hit bottom low after the end-of-May frenzy at home - the FIL's bday and Koy's bday.

I baked ube cake for my father in law. My first ube cake, ever, complete with ube halaya filling, ube chiffon cake and violet icing. I baked the cake and the halaya tuesday night. By wednesday morning, I woke up early to whip up the butter icing and assembled everything before heading off to work.

Although, I didn't do well on the icing application (not with the rush rush rush!), I'm proud to say that they liked it! But will I ever make ube cake again? From scratch? I don't know, cake making, for me, is a labor of love. And if there is no love to spare, there is always Red Ribbon! Bleh!

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