Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Brain, My Brain

Mama: Boz, indi ka ka play kung indi mo ni mabasa

(Boz, you can’t play if you can’t read this)


Koy: Ne

Koy: Ne-o

Koy: Neodex?

Mama: Nope

Koy: Neopex?

Mama: Nope

Koy: Neo… ano man?

Mama: Sige na, indi ka gd ka play kung indi ka kabalo

(Give it a go! You can’t play unless you know this!)

He curled his hands into fists and started to pound on his temples while squinting and chanting, “Brain, Brain, buligi ako!!!!!” (Brain, brain, help me!!!!!)

Everybody broke down in laughter, especially Koy.

AboutThePhoto: taken over a year ago, filed under ways of entertaining yourself on a slow weekend with kutsinta cups as props.

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