Tuesday, December 27, 2011

False Positive

My Christmas came with the good news that I was going to have a permanent job in an office by the following week. It was not only good news; it was great news. After six months of sabbatical, my husband felt that I needed to find work already so we can move on with our lives financially. I was happy about the news but I did not let it get the better of me and at the back of my mind, I was still worrying about all the other commitments that I started during my sabbatical. I kind of find it hard to just forget about all of them. I have been enjoying the lot. And I can't believe I was putting them all aside and making them my back-up plan.

Then, yesterday, right when I was already processing my entry requirements, they called me in to take back the good news. They said they still had to request for my position to be funded and all. There and then, I felt nothing; not even the least disappointment. It must have been my guardian angel's hands over my shoulder that got me through the whole situation without having to feel pain or even self-pity.

The news, I know it broke my husband's heart and it got him worrying again as to how we will survive the following months. But I have faith and I refuse to be a victim in this situation. We WILL get through this. I know.


  1. Will pray for it dear. Maybe a better one awaits. :D

  2. Thanks dear, I'm not worried though. I've survived the last three months, what's another three months of discernment? Besides, I'm still enjoying my "back-up plan"


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