Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Home (2009)

During the Earth Day celebration, we watched the documentary film Home. It featured the facts about how man has pilfered the earth's resources to sustain its needs and wants. There is the alarming 80:20 ratio which tells us that 80% of the energy requirement of the world is consumed by 20% of the population. While those who are at the forefront of industrialization and commercialization require more, the rest have nothing left to partake. The film shows the permanent damage caused by the incessant demand for oil and the destruction of the forests. We all are aware of these things happening. But to actually see it happen is daunting. It gives one a reason to care more and to do something about the situation. It helps one understand the plight of environmental activists who call for drastic measures to effect real and meaningful change.

You can download the film from YouTube and you can start your own environmental awareness campaign. Small efforts will go a long way to saving the earth and making it more habitable for the generations to come. 

Click here to watch the film.

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