Monday, August 05, 2013

37th National Milo Marathon

Today marks another milestone in my life. I ran my first 5K Milo marathon. It was not much of a run really as I walked most of the way.  

It was raining really hard last night and I was kind of hoping Boz would concede and just let us sleep the night away. But then, when I woke him up at around 4:30 am, he was just his excited self. He was just so into it; I couldn't bear to dampen his spirit by playing the righteous, health-buff mom that I should be. 

We went off to a good start. While waiting for a jeepney to take us to the starting line, my boss' car passed by. She was also joining the marathon. And so we were able to hitch a ride and avoid getting soaked in the rain before even getting to the venue. 

On the way, our boss was trying to talk us out of the race. The rain was starting to pour real hard. She asked if we were really wanted to continue despite the rain. And that's when Boz, without any hesitated blurted out, "katamaran gd ya sa inyo!" (You're all so lazy!) And that was enough to keep up from even thinking of quitting before the race started. 

When we arrived at the starting line, a throng of runners were already there. Mostly students in their teens who were with friends and classmates. There were a few parents who were braving the rain with their children. And of course, there were the serious runners too. 

When the gun went off, it just started a frenzy, everyone started to run. After a while, I couldn't see Boz and Rosemary anymore. Everybody just went ahead and run. And I did too. But a few meters, I just succumbed to the reality that I was just not fit to run this particular race. And as expected, I walked the rest of the way. After a more meters, I rendezvoused with Boz and Rosemary. My baby boy was already feeling the exhaustion after the first few meters of running. 

That's when I played the role that I was meant to play in this race - the supportive and encouraging mom. I wanted Boz to feel that he was not alone, that he's got someone to finish the race with him. As an only child, I hadn't miss out on the opportunities that I wanted to take. But because my parents were busy with "matters of consequences" I always had to fight my battles alone. There were times when I would feel that I could have done better or delivered more if I had someone to boost my morale. I wanted to give Boz that. And I know that I did not disappoint him today. 

When we crossed the finish line, I could not help but feel relieved that it was finally over. I didn't reach my goal of finishing the race for less than an hour. Just the same, I consider it a feat to be one of the many who made it to the end. Perhaps, next year, I'll do better. 

On to the next race!

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