Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Praying for Rain and It Came (Almost!)

Praying for Rain and It Came (Almost!)

I received an unexpected news from Ellen yesterday informing me of her dad’s death. I was taken aback; from our last conversation, I thought her dad was just getting the early signs of the disease, turns out, death knew better than to give him more time to suffer.

Then I had strict orders from Ellen that I should not be telling others about it and that I allow her to do it on her own time. So how do I break the news to Ian without necessarily breaking Ellen’s confidence?

I called Ian earlier. Turns out he was in Antique yesterday for some caving expedition (perhaps the reason why I didn’t get any response for all those text messages I sent him yesterday). It was his birthday treat to himself, he said. We weren’t able to talk long as there was lots of noise in the background (he must be on the road) so I just asked him when was the last time he talked with Ellen. He said he hasn’t talked with her. I then told him to call her, perhaps just to know how she is doing. He said he had no reason to call her. I would have wanted to talk him into it but I was so distracted by the background noise and I have not yet organized my sales pitch and I would want to be prepared to work my way around Ellen’s request hehehehehhe. So I told him to call as soon as he’s able to we can talk further.

What do I say to him? He’s in the process of detaching himself from the pain; she is currently consumed by pain. He is trying to move on finding his worth outside the relationship; she is holding on to it.

Ellen and Ian, there were times when I hoped you’d finally accept the fact your relationship wasn't making you better persons.

But you were also good for each other, and you needed each other to be able to experience love and care. But unless there is acceptance not retribution for past mistakes, there is no way to fill the gap that continues to grow in between.

I hope the recent turn of events will humble you both and make things better.

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  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    thank u for everything..but u didnt have to tell other people anything.. in God's time, remember?

    i told u, i dont blog :)


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