Monday, April 23, 2007

Post Lenten Season Distress

Right when everything was getting back to normal, everything just fell apart for us at home, the refrigerator broke down, leaving us with more than a week without frozen foods and ang coooold water. The rice cooker broke down too. For some reason, it just conked out and we had to go back to cooking rice on the stove for the mean time. Worse, because of the ailing problems in the watershed and the increasing number of people tapping, legally and illegally, in to the water system, water hasn't reached our faucets for two weeks now! We've all been trying to keep our cool about all these household mishaps, but mhen! isn't this two weeks late for fasting and abstinence?

Some little voice inside be is saying, na! merese kay sang semana santa wala kamo nagpangalaba kungdi subong pinentensya man kamo gyapon! bwahahahhahahaha! (that's what you get for not joinig the Lenten reflections, extended penance!).

I never really view God as an Angry God but I know that he is entitled to do so especially when people consciously do offensive things. I myself am not on the A-list of sorts when in comes to fulfilling my religious obligations and I know I have a lot to catch up on. Unfortunate events make me sit and think of how far has my present life brought me away from my faith. The hearing of Sunday masses have been put off week after week, the daily meditations became thrice a week, once a week and sometimes, even forgotten. The morning prayers completely abandoned, the prayer before meals, the Angelus, the 3 o'clock prayer. The only thing that remained somehow is the evening prayer, which I share with my son.

I've been wanting for so long to be the devout Catholic that I have been but somehow, matters of consequence steers me farther and farther away. Sad, sad, sad...

Yet, life's still been good for missant people like me. But for how long?

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