Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Deep Breaths.... Sigh

I have not been able to really put my thoughts to writing for weeks now after one trip to another, an emergency after the next.

3 weeks ago, I had tonsillitis. Never a cause of worry for me; I always had it during this time of year since I was a kid. Save for the past 4 years starting from my pregnancy which caused me to be more mindful of my health for the sake of my baby. So when I called my mom and she told me to buy some antibiotics, I just went to the pharmacy and bought whatever was available. I took my first dose of the meds before I slept and when I woke up, I was already feeling some burning sensation all over. I thought it was just the humid weather. But after I ate daing for breakfast, I had rashes all over. What was a simple tonsillitis problem became and allergy problem for me.

So I was in house arrest for two days. The sad part was the hubby brings his laptop to work so I had nothing to tinker on but the TV remote, which was not really of much fun with Boz deciding what goes on TV during his TV time. I was also drowsy most of the time so I practically slept my sick leave days away.

I was back in the office for a day, had enough time to do some paper works then I got sent off to do field work for two days... to Bora! actually! But I didn't really get to enjoy it much because we were there for official business. Had to wake up at 3:00am to catch the 4am bus, meeting at Kalibo, travel to Boracay, meeting again then buzzzzzzzzzz. I hardly found the time to ogle the activities by the shore the next day as we have to grab the earliest bus back home. I had to endure sitting beside a guy with dreadlocks on the boat and a bunch of worker guys who sweat profusely and never bothered to freshen up before boarding the aircon bus. I was really like, close to puking (mental note: bring some candies next time), thank goodness I was able to put myself to sleep!

When I got off the bus, I promised myself a good hearty meal so I dropped by Mrs. Fudge. It's this cafe that Miki and I used to go to during our college days. They've moved and their new location is quite out of the way from my usual work-home room. It's only during these out of town trips that I get to visit it and indulge in their sandwiches and pastries. In this trip, I ordered pancit molo and grilled sandwiches. Yummy!

But I wasn't able to eat leisurely as I hoped I could. The clock was ticking and I had a boat to catch! I finished my meal took two jeepney rides and then I was home, changed my clothes, packed somethings and then I was off again to the pier to catch the 2:45 trip to Bacolod! Miki and Boz took an earlier trip since the original plan was I will just join them the following day, but what the heck! I was home early and early to Bacolod I will be!

Half bad an idea, the dreadlocks, the aircon bus ordeal, plus the rocky boat ride didn't make much of me when I was back on land. It was like zoombie-land for me. It's a good thing I have a hubby who can put up with my blank stares and empty nods. Really comes in handy under such conditions.

That night, I had hoped to get a good night sleep. But Boz had a fever, we gave him paracetamol and in a matter of minutes, he had the rashes again. Waaaaa! we didn't bring his meds! I had to ask Miki to rush to the nearest pharmacy to buy him his meds! It was almost midnight when the rashes subsided. We were already in bed earlier on but sleep was rather light for me and I woke up couple of time to check on Boz.

The next day, Boz rashes was gone, but not my groggy disposition. But we were expected at my grandma's house for our usual weekend gathering. And so, I prepared my siomai mixture, baked a cake for my cousin who was celebrating her 11th birthday and to do all my motherly duties with Boz (the downside about weekend at my moms - we're nanny-less!).

As always, Boz enjoyed playing with my cousins; my aunts by my mother married late the second eldest apo, next to me is just 13 years old! (count out my cousins in manila who we never really got to see often). So Boz is like the youngest apo rather than the apo sa tuhod. Just the same, he is the center of attraction! I like the set-up since it gives me some time to nap in the afternoon while the kids play around and my aunts look after them. Buzzzzz....deep breath...

My travel spree doesn't end there actually. Because the next day, the family decided to go to Mambucal. Miki's been wanting to spend time at the dipping pool. Apparently, it was closed when we got there so we had no choice but to take a plunge at the swimming pool instead. We had lunch at Enting's of Sagay then rolled out our plastic mat at the boating lagoon. Some quiet time we had until Boz got hyper, running around in circles. Then it was again time to go home.

Home... I wasn't ready to go back to Iloilo yet, but Boz had to visit his pedia about his allergy attack and Miki had to go back to work. So the next day, we were again packing things and heading for the pier. When we arrived in Iloilo, we just changed clothes and then we were off to the doctor's clinic.

The next day, I was back in the office, again, for another day before another official travel to Bora, this time, with the bog bosses for a more comprehensive meeting re our upcoming activity. 2 am the following morning, I was already on the road waiting for our ride. When we arrived in Kalibo, we exchanged some pleasantries with the provincial staff then we were off to the road again! Then Bora, the second time around. We arrived...we attended the meeting...we slept. And when we woke up, we grabbed a quick breakfast, took a tour on foot at the beach front and then we were off again. Off the island, back to Kalibo for another meeting, back on the road, home at around 9pm...tired but so glad to be back home.

The following day, we were back at the doctor's clinic for Boz's follow up check up, off to the groceries and then back home. And just this Sunday, I was able to take my much desired long and deep breath and sighs... Wow... I never thought I'd be able to enjoy bumming around this much.

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