Friday, October 26, 2007

Gone for the Loong Weekend!

I will be without internet connection for two whole weeks! It's going to be back-to-my-old-lifestyle for a while, back to my hometown, visit folks, bake, bake and bake! There will be no cable tv since my mother, well, with all her excuses did not renew her cable subscription until now.

I miss being at home. I'll be rummaging through my old cabinets and drawers and maybe, just maybe, succeed at finally getting rid of those piles of papers I have amassed since elementary years - old letters from friends, cards, newspaper cut-outs and even chocolate wrappers (don't ask me why *blush*). I will also find the time to walk the dogs in the park (memorial park, actually LOL!). But I so look forward the most at the prospect of driving around the city, without any plans of getting anywhere. I miss that! And I so hope to do that!

Of course there will be the many things to attend to like my uncle's funeral, seeing relatives after a long time, visiting my grandma, visiting the cemetery and... and.... celebrating my birthday! wow! I'm so turning 30, finally! I don't have anything big planned for my big 3-0 but plans on what I want to do next, I have... i just wish that wishes come true and it is time for mine!



  1. Waltzib8:56 AM

    Happy Birthday Rox!

    Greetings of long life, good health and happines also prosperity to you and family!

    God Bless,

    Best regards,

    Walts and Chiza

  2. Many thanks to a DORF (dear old reliable friend) *winks*


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