Friday, November 09, 2007

Boznik by Another Name(s)

I'm calling my son by a different name these days ---- Chikoy, a contraction of Buchikoy, deriving from Botitor (if you're an Ilonggo, you would hate your mom for giving you this nick! LOL) which I sometimes truncate to Boti, a variation for Boz which is, well, the shortcut of Boznik which is very very far off from his real name Jan Benjamin.

He also likes it when I call him baby shark and sing him to sleep in an improv lullaby "sleep my darling baby, my baby is a shark...." then he would cuddle up beside me with matching whimpering sound.

The weirdest!


  1. my lola used to call me by that name, instead of my nickname butch.

  2. It sounds "lambing" that's why I like it.

  3. That's ok if your mother stops calling you those names after elementary. But in my case, she still calls me Toto, in her most "lambing" intonation. I dont know if I should be mad or flattered.

  4. poor kid... his mother is playing tricks on him...

    hi roxie!!!

  5. @ jinoe - i'll keep that in mind lest i suffer the same fate as your mom!

    @random_thinker - i'm just glad he does not realize that yet! LOL!


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