Saturday, October 20, 2007

Were was I?

I have been in a brief hiatus from the blogosphere for two reasons: one, the soon-to-be-thirty depression caught up with me. Still haunts me sometimes but I've managed to live with it so far, nothing I can't handle really. And two, all my favorite shows are back on the screen! plus a few new more!

The Walkers are back, dysfunctional as ever! New issues have cropped up, divorce, wacky in-laws, long distance relationship, family stuff , plus all the love that a mother can give to a son who just came back from war. I'm so looking forward to every episode!

Heroes. More mysteries and new discoveries. I was awed at how Pete grew those muscles over the season's break (giggles). He doesn't look so lampayatot anymore. My guess is he'll be in more action this season. And the flying scene that Claire did with the new boy she's seeing, quite a take on the Superman-Loise Lane thing. I'm intrigued by the intensity of the power of the two new heroes from Mexico. Hmmm, I'm definitely hooked!

Big Shots. Now here's my new-found hobby! Quite a combination of good looks and great chemistry for an all-male dramedy! They call the show the male version of Desperate Housewives meets Sex in the City. I call it, simple entertainment. I've watched Christopher Titus during his comic days as himself in a regular show aptly titled "Titus." He was wacky and outrageous. He's one of the main reasons why I wanted to watch the show, just so to see how he'd carry out tamer roles. I should say, he's good!

If you're in for the twisted love-sex story, you'd find Karl's story amusing. Played by Joshua Malina. What do you make of a mistress who wanted to tell the wife about the affair she's been having with the husband but ended up wanting to be best friends with her. Wicked!

Carpoolers. Very light comedy but I should say, very relevant family issues! Husband getting insecure about a wife earning more, the need for "me" time, new couples' dilemmas and the ultimate drive for illicit love affair. I'm so gonna watch out for the next episode!

So that's where I've been! Guilty!

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